Murder With Aloha At the Coco Palms Hotel
A Fictional Tribute to Hollywood Fans

The Legendary Coco Palms Hotel

Murder mystery takes place at the legendary Coco Palms Hotel. It is prior to Elvis Presley coming to the hotel to film Blue Hawaii. The hotel manager Grace Buscher Guslander has to solve a murder of a very famous movie star who died at her hotel drinking a mai tai before the arrival of Paramount’s movie production of Blue Hawaii.

Grace is afraid that if Hollywood hears of the murder at her hotel, Paramount will cancel their production of Blue Hawaii. It is Ms. Buscher’s ingenuity and cleverness and being an avid reader of Agatha Christie novels she is able to solve the murder mystery at her hotel.

“…Grace had this suite especially made for the Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii movie production company. The suite was another one of Grace’s fabulous hotel creations come true. She had decorated the room with blue palm fronds, blue toilet water, blue bedspreads, gold-fleck blue mirrors on the ceiling, on the walls, and gold coconut lights that hung from the ceiling that rained blue crystal teardrops.”

Humorous throw backs keep you laughing

“She prodded the suspects into the room using her white basket. She wielded her basket as adeptly as Roy Rogers did in the The Arizona Kid when he cracked a bull whip to round up frisky heifers into a corral.”

Suspenseful until the very end

“The message inside the green envelope read: ‘Meet the hotel manager in the Blue Hawaii suite at 11 a.m.’ “

The Legendary Coco Palms Hotel

October 25, 1910 – Grace Buscher Guslander was born.
March 5, 1954 – Lyle Guslander buys the 60 bed Coco Palm Lodge from Mrs. Veda Hills.
1956 – Voodoo Island filmed at the Coco Palms with Boris Karloff (Frankenstein)
Feb 20, 1956 – Liberace plants a coconut tree at the Coco Palms.
March 9, 1957 – Originated in Chile, a tsunami strikes the Coco Palms Hotel.
1957 – Filming start of 20 th Century Fox’s production of South Pacific starring Mitzi Gaynor.
1958 – Puhavi, His Imperial Majesty. Mohammad Rez (Shah of Iran) planted a tree.
1962 Kathryn Hulme, author of Nun’s Story, plants a tree.
1962 – Blue Hawaii was filmed at the Coco Palms starring Elvis Presley
1969 – AMFAC buys Guslander hotels for a 20 million dollar stock deal.
February 25, 1969 – Lyle Guslander and Grace Buscher marry in Las Vegas.

Grace Guslander

The story of the Coco Palms Hotel is a love story about Grace Buscher and Lyle “Gus” Guslander. This was a time of “live and let live” aloha.  The life of Grace Buscher Guslander at the Coco Palms hotel has now become a legend. Truth and fiction have blurred and those of us who fell under her magic spell can read this fictional book and enjoy a few moments in revery.


About The Author
David Penhallow-Scott

David Penhallow-Scott is a Hawaii-born writer and author of After the Ball, The Betrayers, and The Story of the Coco Palms Hotel, and has written the plays “The Eudora Quartet,” “The Dark Side of the Moon,” and “Listen to the Stars” and “Lights Out.” Penhallow-Scott presently resides in Hilo on Hawaii Island. Murder with Aloha at the Coco Palms Hotel is another “Percy” story.

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